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A unique online experience for secondary school students! Discover the future of the labour market and uncover the latest trends in your desired professional fields!

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Get ready for a unique online experience. Join this year's READYCON and discover the future of the job market.


In collaboration with industry experts, we provide students with information about key trends and exciting opportunities in selected fields, so they can make more confident career decisions.


Choose from our eight themes and stay ahead in an ever-changing work environment.

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Trends in Electrical Engineering


Opportunities in the Space Industry - Electrical Engineering

Michaela Musilova, Head of research & Project Manager @ Needronix


Renewable Energy Revolution: Powering the Future with Sustainable Solutions

Deji Ogunsola, Director & Founder @ EWI Recruitment


Smart Future, Connected World: A Dive into IoT

Ozane Efeturi, IoT Business Analyst @ Surrey County Council

Wired for Success: Unlocking the Potential of Electrical Engineering

Viviene Dela Cruz, Researcher @ University of Nottingham

Trends in Information Technology


The Indispensable Role of Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Advisor @ Microsoft


Three Technology Trends: IoT, AI and 5G That Will Change Your World of Work

Priya Kurien, Global Telco Leader @ IBM Institute for Business Value


Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: Threat or Opportunity?

Justin E. Lane, Co-founder & CEO @ CulturePulse


Big Data, Big Insights: Navigating the Future of Information Technologies

Kuldeep Singh Naga, Code Coach @ Jam Coding

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Image by Scott Blake

Trends in Civil Engineering


Building a Sustainable Future: Innovations in Materials and Construction

Emily Walport, Senior Materials Engineer @ Arup


The Importance of Digitization in the Construction Industry: BIM and Augmented Reality

Andrew Johnson, Digital Learning & Development Lead @ BIM Academy


The Future of Cities: Smart and Green Solutions

Charlie Cook, Founder & CEO @ Rightcharge


Designing Tomorrow: Unveiling the Shape of Architecture to Come

Lenka Petrakova, Lead Architect @ Zaha Hadid Architects

Trends in Mechanical Engineering


Opportunities in the Space Industry - Mechanical Engineering

Anisa Qureshi, Space Content Creator @ YouTube


Nano and Microtechnologies: Small Scale, Big Impact

Lindsay Hanson, Head of Nanotechnology Innovation @ Nicholas Kirkwood Ltd


Engineering the Future: Exploring the Intersection of Hardware, Robotics, and Labour

Brennon Williams, Founder & CEO @ Infinity-Metaverse


The Power of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Dwight Mitchell, Owner @ Mitchell & Son 3D Printing Service

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Trends in Marketing & Management


Personal Branding to Get Your Job

Amelia Sordell, Founder @ Klowt


Management or Not? Exploring Career Paths and Choices

Chris Croft, Management Speaker & Author @ Chris Croft Training - Management


Behavioural Economics: The Psychology Behind Consumer Behaviour

Shiraly Amoils, Behavioural Economics Consultant


Project Management: The Future of Business?

Theocharis Papadopoulos, Professor @ Hult International Business School

Trends in Trade & Services


Navigating the Digital Frontier: E-commerce and the Metaverse

Ivan Trancik, Founder & CEO @ SuperScale


Customer Experience, Personalisation and Privacy

Susan Raab, Managing Partner @ Customer Data Platform Institute


The Future of Hospitality and Gastronomy

Ffion Cumberpatch, Programme Manager of Gastronomy @ University of Wales Trinity Saint David


Beyond Borders: The Future of Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Dympna Mckenna, Founder, Content & Copywriter

Image by Blake Wisz
Image by Artur Tumasjan

Trends in Healthcare


Innovations in Healthcare: Exploring the Future of Medical Technology

Iulius Dragonu, MR Scientist @ Siemens Healthineers


Pharmaceuticals: Current Trends and Future Directions

Andrew Croydon, Director of Education & Examinations @ The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry


The Future of Healthcare

Scott McKenzie, Managing Director @ Scott McKenzie UK Ltd


Unlocking the Secrets of Biotechnology

Vin Jivan, College of Engineering Manager @ The American University of Kurdistan

Trends in Finance


Democratising Finance: The Power of DeFi & Blockchain

Demilade Oluwasina, Lead Consultant @ Learnible Global


The Hidden Power of our Money

Dan Sherrard-Smith, Founder & CEO @ MotherTree


Take ownership of your life

Gustavo Machado, VP of Design @ Pipedrive


Driving Change: The Power of Impact Investing

Jai Street, Founder & Independent Financial Advisor @ Mindful Wealth

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to all our speakers and educators from partner schools who collaborate

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Revolutionising Industries: Keeping Up with the Latest News and Innovations

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